Monday, May 3, 2010

My Friend's Website

I think, though I am not sure, that I have already showed everyone my friend's website. But just in case I haven't, here is a great doll website...

Girl's Only

It is such an awesome website! -Hal

PS- I can't find my camera right now to take a photostory.
: ( Sorry! I will try to do one ASAP!!!


  1. Thanks for posting my website!

    Hey, love your blog design! So cute!

  2. Hey, um, this is a little off topic, but, how do you make your coment things say like, for example " 1 comments that made my day" and then those check boxes that say " this post was Interesting, cool, sweet" ?

  3. Where are you? YOU HAVEN'T POSTED IN OVER A MONTH! :( You always have such great ideas, I want to read your photostory and other posts...I hope you post really soon!


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